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This is great work, thank you. When it’s service and results like this, it’s very easy to continue our business relationship. Please send over your invoice and service agreement so we can become one of your official, long-term clients.

-Adam -Dallas, TX Certified Public Accountant/Accounting firm

Friday morning our Dell PowerEdge Windows Server wouldn’t boot up.  A quick craigslist search showed that Frisco Technology Solutions specialized in Microsoft and Dell Server Support.  I immediately reached a live person and was able to schedule an emergency same-day dispatch.  Shane came out and quickly summed up the situation by asking me questions only an experienced and capable systems engineer would know.  We then made a plan.  With Shane’s help we were back up and running the next morning!

     -Brad -Dallas, TX Mortgage Information/E-commerce company

“Late on a Friday afternoon, Our Dell SBS Server crashed and would not boot up.  I found Frisco Technology Solutions’ advertisement on CraigsList and made one phone call.  Shane immediately answered and counseled me on what to do.  Shane came out, took the lead knowing just what to do.  He saved my Data and got my server back up and running -Crisis Averted!  I really appreciate Shane’s professionalism, knowledge and capability.”
     -Brett -Dallas, TX HVAC duct and system cleaning and restoration company

“We look to Shane to proactively manage our systems – desktops, notebooks and server.  Shane keeps us informed as to changes in the marketplace.  We value Shane’s Troubleshooting skills and experience.  Shane has recovered failed workstations, upgraded our firewall and internet circuits and he actively manages and maintains our Security and Online Backup solutions.”
     -Brenda -Dallas, TX Property Management company

“Shane administered, installed and upgraded our Microsoft Windows company servers.  On one difficult weekend project Shane stepped in and saved the day -finishing the upgrade when the contracted Citrix expert systems engineer quit.  On another occasion we experienced a Server down situation and Shane was there -on the spot working diligently with Microsoft to get our server back up.  Shane handled the pressure very well!  Our executive Vice President was hovering in the server room and Shane calmly/cooly delivered status updates during the crisis as he worked to make server repairs.”
     -Clinton -Garland, TX Electrical Service company

“Shane proactively managed our servers and provided desktop support -5 servers and about 60-users across our Irving headquarters and houston branch office.  Shane is an expert in his field and provided excellent and informative support.”
     -Aaron -Irving, TX Oilfield Equipment Refurbishing company

“Shane performed staff augmentation and senior network systems engineering/administration.  In addition to desktop support and upgrade projects Shane helped with turning up a new Warehouse branch office located in Mesquite.  Shane was a valuable contributor to our IT department and provided senior direction -especially the Comprehensive Network Assessment he performed.  Shane trained me when I was hired and brought me up to speed on all company IT systems.  Shane is uniquely adept at partnering with companies that have a junior on-site Administrator.  Shane provides excellent leadership and tutoring and is very easy to talk to on any IT subject.”
     -Justin -Garland Oilfield Equipment Manufacturing company

“Our server crashed -losing 2 hard drives at the same time!!  Shane jumped in and took care of everything.  He ordered us a brand new server and I know he spent almost 24-hours working diligently to get our DATA accessible from a server backup.  Shane proactively manages our network,  server and desktop/notebook systems.  We rely on and value the technology stewardship and partnership Shane and Shane’s company have brought to us.”
     -Tim -Lewisville, TX Construction Supply company

“We look to Shane to provide all our technology support and management.  Shane is always quick to respond to whatever technology emergency we are having on any given day.  Our e-mail quit working one day due to Postini cancellation and Shane immediately knew what to do and got our business e-mail service restored.”
     -Teresa -Garland, TX Insulation Supply company

“I can’t count how many times Shane has helped me.  Always with excellent customer service.  Shane actively manages our Small Business Server network, workstations and notebooks.  We rely on him to manage all Backups and our Network Security.”
     -Denise -Garland, TX Flooring company

“Shane provides staff augmentation and proactive server and network management and support for our company.  Shane is always onsite promptly on days he is scheduled to be here.  We have 15 windows servers including vmware virtualization and about 60-users/desktops/notebooks.  Shane has managed our network and maintained excellent up-time.  Shane’s Network Assessment was right-on and I value Shane’s ability to teach me while we work side-by-side on upgrade projects.  Shane has proven to be a trusted advisor and we value his contribution.”
     -Ray -Fort Worth, TX Copier Sales & Service company

“Shane manages our network/server and desktops.  I was very impressed with Shane’s expertise when he moved my Microsoft Small Business Server and Windows Storage server and all Network equipment from my old to new Office location.  Shane accomplished the move very professionally with minimal downtime.  I value the efficiency that Shane brings to our company.”
     -Robert -Lewisville,TX Photography & Graphics Design company

“Shane proactively manages our network, Microsoft Small Business Server and desktops/notebooks.  I value Shane’s experience and capability to keep my IT infrastructure running and healthy.”
     -Michael -Dallas, TX Video Production Rental company