Business Disaster Recovery


Back up and data recoveryEasy 3 Step Solution

  1. Protect the Data Restore lost data in minutes
  2. Protect the Servers Restore failed server in 1-4 hours
  3. Protect the Business Restore access in 0 to 2 days via Secure Cloud Access

There Are Problems With Tape Back Up

  • Where are your applications?
  • Tape is prone to SCSI media errors and management can be difficult & expensive
  • What needs to be installed on the workstations?
  • How do you rebuild your servers with no new hardware?
  • How many workstations do you need and where will they be delivered?
  • How is each workstation configured?

Problem Solved: True Business Continuity

Protecting Your Data, Your Servers & Your Business

Traditional methods of data backup and storage are difficult to manage and are no longer adequate in today’s business world. Frisco Technology Solutions provides clients a solid backup solution with various Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery options minimizing down time and maximizing up time. It is an enterprise class Business Continuity backup and recovery solution priced for small and mid-sized businesses. With the potential of disaster from natural sources, employee sabotage or simply a wrong keystroke, it is now crucial and necessary for all businesses to have a solid remote backup and business continuity plan-that can provide on-site, off-site, or no-site (virtual–site or remote) for their business. With on-site, offsite, on-line backup and storage redundancy, we offer the most reliable source for complete recovery of business IT environments. Our local storage appliance allows instant data restoration and server virtualization in the event of local data loss or local server failure. Frisco Technology Solutions’ recovery appliance is your spare-server.

backupdisasterrecovery1Every business and organization can experience a serious incident, which can prevent it from continuing normal operations.

Business Continuity The ability to run your business during and immediately after a disaster (spare tire) such as; keystroke error, virus attack, or server failure.
Disaster Recovery The long-term ability to rebuild your business capabilities after a disaster (permanent tire)such as; fire, flood, power outage, or worse.

Frisco Technology Solutions’ TaaS “technology as a service”, we provide customized end-to-end solutions for IT.

  • Tapeless and Agentless
  • Virtualization of a failed server at the local site
  • Ability to back up laptops, desktops, and servers
  • Backups for Mac, AS-400, Novell, Linux/Unix in addition to Windows
  • FIPS 140-2 Certified data encryption while in flight & at rest
  • Back up Virtual machines at the host level

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